Accepting things that are broken

Our Story Feb 25, 2020
Acceptance is the first step to change, and open the gates to eternal bliss.

Life sometimes puts us in situations where we feel like the victim, but then, so what, accidents do happen. There will always be a few bad decisions and a few bad results. But you can always bring a change by keeping a positive attitude and accepting what went wrong. Coming back stronger - that’s what acceptance stands for.

Values in Needle

At Needle, we have faced way too many setbacks and there were times when we didn’t even know where the work was going. There were also times we went clueless, suffered great losses but one thing was for sure, we never gave up. Every time we faced a setback, we made a bigger breakthrough. I believe acceptance of failure at a societal level is one of the key ingredients that allows the industries to flourish.

This is world. This is life. And it’s time we accept it.

I guess we all remember the rhyme we learnt as kids, Itsy Bitsy Spider where the spider would try to climb up the wall and fail several times, but it never gives up. It accepts the challenge and finally succeeds.

Accepting our circumstances and realities is no easy task, but it’s crucial. We accept our failures, as well as we, handle our successes. We accept the bitter reality and then find a way to make it a sweet one, and I guess that is what life is all about.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right?

There will always be something pulling you down and not always will you get what you want when you want it. But if you accept the reality and move on, you come back stronger than you were ever before. Our co-founder himself has openly spoken about how Needle embraced the pain and defeated it and how we rose above it all.

Accept the reality and detach from the fantasies to move forward in any situation. Fighting against the past will merely waste your time and energy. To wish that things were different will get you nowhere. Acceptance is letting go and allowing things to be the way they truly are so you can truly move forward and achieve great things.

The Ultimate Mantra

Remove negativity from your thoughts, and you will be able to achieve wonders. Everything is never going to be perfect. But, it’s not how hard you fall, it’s how high you bounce back, that is what really counts.
Acceptance is a sign of human strength.

At Needle, we’re on a mission to change the way people think about what’s possible and what’s not with important life objectives like learning, taking up a career, starting something up and about being happy. We are a tech company, just that we are unlike any other. Anything else you’d like to say, we’re all ears. You can reach out to us on

Manisha Dash

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