Acting on your inspiration will always leave you more inspired.

Culture Feb 06, 2020

Inspiration is like art. It can be found any and everywhere. You just need to look.

What is inspiration?

Finding inspiration is not easy, neither is it very difficult. There are days you look for inspiration and for most others, you stumble upon something inspiring.

For me, there are certain moments where I feel so overwhelmed with the feeling of doing something. Something out of the ordinary, something that makes me feel more alive than I generally do. Mostly it is amazing photography on Instagram or some really well written short poems.

The other day I came across such a beautiful piece of music and I was amazed at how wonderfully one can express their emotions through music. What did I do next? I ordered a ukulele.

Do I know how to play it? Hell no! But I’ll definitely try it.

And to be honest, I’ll be okay if it turns out that I’m not so great at playing it, at least I’ll know I tried. What’s important is to act on things that really inspire you. Things that keep you up at night. Things that make you want to be a better version of yourself.

There are so many times that you feel you are lagging behind, just lacking that motivation and that push to get you going. These are also the times you need to put in that extra effort to find inspiration that gets you back on track.

What inspires you?

Here at Needle, we always start off the week with a small get together. We call this our start-of-week stand-up. We discuss the general plan for the week. Not in a manner of a checklist but more like how we’re all aligned as a team and how what we’re doing right now is in line with our goal. Be it brand awareness, working on our product or whatever. These discussions really help in keeping us all focused in one direction.

Not just are they very motivating but also give us a clear picture of how our work affects our entire progress. At a company level.

It also keeps us all on one page and becomes an open forum for everyone to put in their ideas and opinions.

Tech discussions at Needle

What do we discuss in these stand-ups?

Starting the week on such a note is definitely one of the motivating factors for me. Firstly, it’s refreshing! You’re face-to-face with the entire team and there’s a quick warm chat about how awesome someone’s weekend was. Immediately followed by a few business updates from Rupam.

Now, we might not be directly related to BD or Sales but such info definitely makes us feel more involved and presents better clarity of what’s happening and how we’re moving forward.

Secondly, we move on to everyone’s individual contribution and plans for the week. I think this is the part that really bridges the gap between the technical and functional elements of the team. As a marketing personnel, it helps to know where the team is heading, the different technologies our boys (only because we haven’t found kick-ass women in tech yet :sunglasses: ) are working on and the new stuff they’re exploring. This of course helps me in planning how we can showcase our brand to the outside world and what will be the best way to attract like minded humans when it comes to growing the Needle family.

We try to keep these meets short, maybe 15–20 minutes. This way it doesn’t come in the way of any other commitments and serves it’s purpose.

This might be a tiny thing but we’re focused on building our team and culture in an open environment and to keep this consistent as and when the team expands, we have to feel these values on an individual level.

It’s a small step to building our dream.

Love what you do.

I personally feel you should find inspiration in what you do, every day. Because that’s how you spend most of your time. And if what you do doesn’t inspire you, well then, you’ve got a lot of thinking to do my friend.

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