Building Needle 2.0: to infinity and beyond.

Our Story Feb 05, 2020

Never give up on those dreams. Because these dreams of yours are what will be a marvellous reality some time, anytime now.

One of those things that has stayed with me, personally as well as in the journey till date of building Needle. And this is one thing that has kept me going, no matter the hardships, during the long, lonely droughts which is entrepreneurship and the momentary periods of rain which keep the journey going and interesting.

2 years of a company’s existence is hardly anything in the greater scheme of this world. But I would like to believe the formative years are where infinite learning happens. And so has been the case with us.

Just to put things in perspective:

  1. We have done some solid revenues during this period.
  2. We also came close to shutting down not once but twice. And managed to make a comeback both the times.
  3. Bad times or good times, we have staved off numerous acquihire bids which would have definitely provided us founders a good exit/respite (put it either ways with the circumstances).
  4. We have seen some incredible rise and equally deep falls.

In a nutshell: a series of experiences which we learnt well from and kept the show going. Until today, wherein we are stepping up to a new, resurgent us.

Announcing Needle 2.0.

Needle 2.0 isn’t a new version of a product that we are building. Instead it’s a completely new us. Faster on our foots than ever before, more aggressive in scaling and stronger revenue at scale driven business verticals. And more transparent. It’s a culmination of our past learnings, new alliances and flagship product line and most importantly a drive to give a stronger push to power our vision to infinity and beyond.

For those who don’t know us yet, our vision is to aid and enable human happiness for the population of the world.

And to drive this we are working at the forefront of technologies which are borne out of intensive research in working collaborations with client partners from across the globe to core technologies which are born right here at our current home base in Bangalore, India.

And to empower this new version of us, we are looking for a new lot of crazy dreamers, people who will help take this story forward.

You might join our R&D vertical working on solving business problems with our client partners with the latest in tech. or join our small core products & platforms team. The opportunity to learn working on crazy objectives & building a new career of yours is our guarantee. Working on it however has to be yours.

At Needle we are an extremely nice (yeah that’s true), honest, grounded and talented bunch of people. And we would like to keep it this way. We go the extra mile every single time and need people who do the same or more.

To end with what I started with in the first place, if you are a dreamer who would like to give shape to your dreams, if you want to explore, and be a part of the craziness of a very big dream or even if you are looking for that fresh or zero start to your career, I am listening.

And just to put things in perspective here’s what we are talking about:

  1. Full Stack Development (Java, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL/MySQL, Angular 5): We don’t need all of these skills. But if you are currently stuck at a pace of work that is being overtaken by an ant and you want the thrill of collaborating with interesting client problems as well as perform R&D this is something you might want to give a shot.
  2. Project management: People who are keyed in to technology & solution development but are looking at entering a new phase of their career. Or fresh, aggressive individuals who are looking at getting that career break.
  3. Business Development internship: If the opportunity of working on setting up a grounds up business development process during the early times gets you going, this is it. A 6 months internship with the perks, heights and excitement of a new process.

So if you want to start small and grow big while helping us build Needle 2.0, I am on

Quoting Buzz Lightyear again here's to infinity and beyond.

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