Chaos, calm and kaam.

Our Story Feb 05, 2020
India has one of the largest populations on earth

India is quite a chaotic place (at least viewed from an overall perspective of outsiders and the just born) :)

A multitude of cultures, sub-societies, one of the largest populations on earth. Every part of it is a different way of life in itself. And life around all of this is bound to be chaotic.

India is a multitude of cultures and sub-societies

In most households in India, an engineer or a doctor or an already-decided-someone is born even before the baby itself is born. The way of life is decided before a person can navigate her way. The weight of expectations imposed, even before one’s own weight can be managed.

And the tale goes on.

But then.

This is also a place where a lot of this chaos is navigated to script stories that matter and make a difference to the status quo.

A movie on the aspirations of children in an unbridled story based in the rural corners of Assam (a northeastern state in India) by a filmmaker who made it all on her own for over two years straight. (You can view the credits to confirm — Village Rockstar).

A lady literally breaking the glass barrier (Glasssutra).

And many more such stories abound.

It’s chaos but yet it's inspiration. And there's a lot happening here.

And the key to it all?

It’s chaos but yet it's also inspiration

Take in the chaos, keep calm and keep the kaam (work) going.

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