Onboarding the right voyagers to the ship: How do we hire?

Culture Nov 06, 2020

To build great products and services, focus on your people at the one end - create the right culture, the point mission. And on the other end have an insane focus on the customer's problem.

The rest - greatness, scale, product-market fit follow in a natural order. - an anecdote that has stayed by us over the years of running and building Needle.

While the focus has been around enabling businesses across the globe to grow in a meaningful way, we have built our culture first, before anything else. And the people with us are the resemblance of that culture.

As the saying goes, a vision without execution is nothing but a hallucination. And to execute, more than anything, you need the right set of people. While Needle was being conceptualised, we knew that people are our true assets and have an impact on how we grow as an organisation. Hence, it is crucial for us to onboard like-minded folks as every single hire at Needle carries the potential to change the company culture for good, bad both.

Some of the values that we live by:

A sneak peek into our holy grail of hiring right:

Bring in your A-game

Our vision is to help build a meaningful world for the people. And to chase such a dream, we need people who can bring change with their work in their unique way. Whether you're an engineer, a content creator, a product person or a jack of all trades, you'll get a challenge to complete within a set timeframe. The challenge differs for each role. This exercise will also give you a picture of the kind of work you'll be doing here. We want to see you at your best.

Understanding your role in the story

Every person who boards this ship has a part to play in how we go from here, as an organisation. It is essential that both the sides understand their roles in each other's roadmap to tomorrow and the promised land. Key to this session is to put across your ideas, what you want to do, what you want to become.

We never hire only for that instant or for instantaneous reasons. We believe in making long-term relationships.

Get to know the fellow seamen before you decide to onboard the ship

Hiring is a two-way conversation. As much important, it is for a company to know the candidate's side of the story it is equally essential for the candidate to understand whether the company will provide them with the right space to find their Ikigai (meaning finding the thing you love doing) and whether s(he) gets a sense of belonging to the workplace.

For your final interviews with us, you'll get to meet the people you'll hopefully be working closely with. You'll be diving in with team members and handling tasks/activities related to your role. We want to get a sense for how we would work together, so talking out loud about your thoughts, voicing opinions and asking questions are a crucial part of the session.

Walk and talk

Discussion on the move is a great way to communicate and communication is at the heart of how we work here, no matter whether you're in a customer-facing role or not. Also, we think having conversations on-the-go helps a person ease out and express themselves much more fluently. It also brings out your creative-self, which is vital as we believe in enjoying the work we do, making it fun, doing things differently.

You may find yourself in such discussions on the move. It could be a short or long walk to a small cafe at the corner of the street or the nearest tea shop or the park right in front of our office.

Chai pe charcha with Rupam (Tea/Coffee table discussion) or catching up virtually

Rupam is one of our culture custodians so you'll be having multiple discussions with him to understand the culture fit between us.

Good things take time

Whatever we want to be, wherever we want to reach, we cannot fast-forward a few things and, we believe the same goes for hiring. We tend to invest a fair amount of time, energy in conversations, discussions getting to know the person throughout the entire hiring process. The whole interview and reviewing process may go for about a month or more.

We know that we have a long way to go in creating a diverse & inclusive space that is known for its people, culture and by no means do we have it all figured out. But it is a constant work in progress. And we need the right set of people to make that happen.

We try to hire people whom we see building the company even if they are not the best technically, yet.

As we are constantly scaling up, we look out for people who can help sail this ship smoothly. If you want to be empowered with the opportunity to create meaningful impact, we'd love to hear from you. You can reach out to us at letstalk@needleinnovision.com.

Over to you!

P.S.- We are a sphere where people are valued and cared for the aspirations they want to chase, the person they want to be. Here, everyone feels a sense of belonging- to a part of something bigger than themselves. And our strength lies in our diversity, in backgrounds, thoughts, perspectives, expressions. Here is a little something we made for you.

You make the difference

Manisha Dash

On a mission to help build a meaningful world for the people.