One year aboard this ship and it still feels like Day one

Culture Feb 10, 2021

23rd October 2019. I still remember this day clearly. I had to respond to a job offer, but I was waiting to hear back from Rupam (co-founder of Needle Innovision) on a full-time opportunity with Needle. As I jar myself up to kick off my morning I see a blurry image of an email from Rupam saying hey, let's do this. While the offer I had in hand was quite fancy but this conversation with Rupam had stuck onto my head. I had this strong feeling that this is where I belong, the people I want to work with, the vision I want to see through to the top (which sounds unconventional right now). And that's how I hopped on to this ship. It's been more than a year since then, but it still feels like Day 1 given how the journey has been unfolding for me.

Things that surprised me.

The depth of approaching the brand's vision gives me an adrenaline rush.

From the conversations I had with the team during the interview process, I did not have the entire picture of what Needle is trying to do or what it is entirely about, nor was there much information on the web. In fact, I was told by many to reconsider my decision of joining here. Yet there was something too appealing about it, its people, culture, its relentless focus on innovation and transforming people's lives using the power of information around them. There was something too tempting about the story, something I could not pass over.

One year later, down the lane, I have no regrets about my decision at all. The passion and intensity with which we approach our vision in our everyday work give me that adrenaline rush, which makes me get up from my bed every morning, excited about the business growth or the MarComm problems I have to think about and solve.

The way we learn; doing it in an unorthodox way.

Being a part of a small team makes you wear multiple hats. There are times when you don't know how to do certain things, no matter whether you're a newbie, a master or a jack-of-all-trades.

Unlike the typical lot, there is no single right way of doing things here; you aren't fed on what to do and how to do. Yes, there are OKRs and, OKAs set for your role, but it's for you to figure out how to achieve them, make mistakes, learn from them, and then call out for help. And the learning comes from everywhere.

We encourage a culture where people own the work they want to do, learn from their mistakes,  from the shared experiences, and walk toward our Northern star, together.

Tea/Coffee walks.

One of my favourite things here is having conversations on the move. It helps one ease out and express themselves much better. A lot of brainstorming discussions, breakthroughs happen over our favourite drinks. In fact, most of our best ideas come out those tea/coffee table discussions, taking inspiration from the surroundings, the people, thriving on the information around us.

Bringing fun into everyday work.

We believe that the best work happens when people are themselves, which means that many things we do might be a bit unconventional. We don't want to have one of those boring and corporate cultures where people have fun as per schedules.

We like to include a bit of weirdness in our way of life, making work more fun and interesting. We want our work to be an expression of our personality.

When you come up with something creative featuring your teammate
Lots of hustle at our virtual HQ

People first, always.

It is hard to find companies who have an immense focus on its people. Needle is one of those few. One of the learnings I have carried since Day 1 of my Needle journey is to always put your people first in whatever you do.

To build great products and services, focus on your people at the one end - create the right culture, the point mission. And on the other end have an insane focus on the customer's problem.
The rest - greatness, scale, product-market fit follow in a natural order.

- an anecdote that has always stayed by us since 2016.

I still have a lot to discover about this story, to learn about the technology, the vision and it's been a struggle not letting the imposter syndrome kick in. But it's been going well so far given the people I am surrounded with.

About Needle Innovision in a nutshell:

We're a bunch of dreamers here to help make the world more meaningful for the people, in our own small ways. Today, we help enterprises adopt Digital Transformation by leveraging the power of meaningful information.

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Manisha Dash

On a mission to help build a meaningful world for the people.