Trust. Transparency. Love.

Culture Nov 05, 2020

An unusual crisis can change the course of life forever. The repercussions can be at times fatal and unpredicted. Just like the anomalous-COVID 19. With the spread of an invisible virus that is difficult to combat, existence has become a major issue, an unseen scenario that needs to be urgently dealt with.

With the economy ceasing, business in all spheres came to a standstill. Employment took a deep steep and healthcare was on a global alert. With international media coverage, the increasing numbers of casualty became the wake-up alarm for the nations.

All of this ran parallel to the widespread chaos and disorder. With the lack of enough revenue to pay bills and salaries, huge evident layoffs and monthly pay-cuts occurred in all sectors. Universally reputed companies had to check for feasibility turning their motion to being a more focused business. The survival of the fittest slowly unfolded to be understood in its truest meaning.

However, life and living did not stop. With confusion and mayhem that spread, it became vital that humanity be upheld with three important emotions.

Trust. Transparency. Love.

At Needle, we embraced them and stood grounded to expressing them even when we prioritised the need for remote working.

Trust. We believe trust is an essential element when it comes to teamwork. With any unseen crisis, trust in each other is believed to be the only ship that will safely sail across. To deliver amazing results that last, team trust plays an important factor, leading to high performances at all times.

An example to be recollected is of a release, set to be delivered on a particular date. With the team completing and checking of all the changes needed, they learnt that they had missed a change that was required by the client.

The team internally resolved the issue by prioritising the task and completing it, without leaving any room for blame-game. The team understood that anyone could have probably missed it but beamed with pride when they delivered the release as promised. The trust that the team would finish the task was immense, leading to better trust-building and collaboration.

Following the element of trust as our core culture, we collaborate and function smoothly. Even with remote working, the trust that we will still create and design products that make a difference, kept us going, letting us contribute more hours of productive work.

"As a small-business person, you have no greater leverage than the truth."                                                                                                                         -John Whittier

Transparency. With clear and affirmative conversations from the CEO & Co-Founder, that threw light on how the market would look, the work we need to communicate, employment and pay-hike, each employee appreciated the openness and clarity.

Transparency for bringing clarity among chaos.

Having complete control over consequences may not be possible at all times but complete transparency over proactive measures can strengthen and help us get through the tormenting pressure.

Love. There is nothing more important than spreading this emotion as living beings. Every product designed here is to bring a change and positively impact lives.

During this crisis, we spread love by following our passion and building what we are most ardent about. Here we are encouraged to stay in love with the enthusiasm of what we build and what we give as we learn. An important learning that made us survive in the best means through the crisis.

With an unpredictable life, hurdles can be at times sudden and inconstant, throwing life out of track. It can be hard and difficult to go on, yet it is important to remember the saying, 'When life gives lemons, make a lemonade', pointing that there is nothing that shall halt the trust to keep growing as a team, transparency when it comes to business and love to fuel and keep going.

Being challenged is inevitable. Being defeated is optional.

Divya K.S

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” — Louis L’Amour